Best Inexpensive Wedding Anniversary Ideas

So... your first wedding anniversary is coming up. Time is tough. Money is tight, but your spouse is expecting a wedding anniversary present. You want to make your one year wedding anniversary special, but you don't have much money. Heck! You may still paying for your wedding a year ago. What do you do?

How do you go about finding the best anniversary presents without wasting too much money? Traditionally the first wedding anniversary gift recommendation is paper. Here are some inexpensive paper wedding anniversary ideas that will sure to please.

  1. A good luck anniversary card is the perfect gift for a happy 1st anniversary. A four leaf clover good luck charm will welcome good luck and fortune for the future years.
  2. Decorated your bed room with origami cranes or paper flowers and heart shape balloons.
  3. Cute matching T-shirt / PJs that express your love for your husband or wife. ( good for your second cotton anniversary too! )
  4. A sexy portrait of you. Get a tripod and do it yourself. Make a sexy collection for your spouse. (when you get old, you'll be glad you got sexy pictures of yourself ).
  5. Sexy coupons that are good for treats such as a back rub, foot massage or a lap dance.
  6. A road trip get away.
  7. Frame your wedding picture, invitation or postcard from your honeymoon.
  8. A special edition of her favorite book, DVD or movie poster.
  9. Frame all the original movie, concert, or sports event tickets stubs of the past year.
  10. Make a personalized calendar or a photo collage scrapbook with pictures of the two of you, marked with all the dates that are special to you.
  11. Fast food picnic or take out serve on paper plates at a well known make out spot. Enjoy a mad make out session.
  12. Write a poem or romantic love letter on a scented paper and frame it with the fortunes from fortune cookies after a inexpensive Chinese food.
  13. A divorce paper ? LOL

Use these inexpensive gift ideas to find a unique way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary and save your money without looking cheap. No matter how it is celebrated, a wedding anniversary holds a special place for the bride and groom and marks a day when their lives changed forever and they became one. Best wedding anniversary presents do not have to be fancy or costly. Just be creative. Wedding anniversaries are an ideal opportunity for couples to celebrate their love for one another and remember why they made the choice to marry in the first place. Your spouse will love you for it!